Will Pixels Replace Paint?

In the uncertain emergent world, technology is (and always has been) advancing at an unfathomable rate, and those industries which fail to recognize the digital age are losing their share of the commercial pie. All fields have become dynamic, changing all the time in response to inputs, and cities can be seen as systems, with computation, networks, and geolocation that can change the way we conduct life & interact. 

Evolved design thinking also sprouts some other indisputable questions- How does one legitimately monetize digital art & design? Is transitioning from tangible to digital, while still being relevant in the world, even possible? These complex questions don’t have a clear-cut answer, and it is up to artists, designers, and creative thinkers to discuss and react to today’s scenario. Throughout history, people have been organically reacting to major events & changes in the world with cultural shifts & movements- life in the post-pandemic world must be addressed the same way. 

However, the fact is that art is evolving, just like every other facet of modern life. For many, the debate is not if pixels will replace paint, but when. Digitization is rapidly changing our conception of art in today’s Post-Internet and Post-Big-tech world. It is a new medium and form facilitated by technology and virtual networks, that allows for the creation of a fertile space where culturally significant experimentation can happen. Even if individuals gate-keep traditional art and do not desire to be a part of the shift of an increasingly physically distanced world, technology is nevertheless, going to do its job as an equalizer. This shift in art & design thinking demands radical individuals who can work outside of institutional spaces, and transition to digital and virtual spaces instead. 

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