FAQs - Digital Arts Forum
When are the webinars scheduled?
This series of webinars will take place from 26th June to 17 July. The dates are - 26 June, 30 June, 3 July, 6 July, 8 July, 10 July, 14 July, 17 July. 
Is there a way to monetize my work?
Content monetization and e-commerce is on the roadmap, and is being worked on. Please check back soon for updates.
What incentive does a creative have to make his own profile on the website?
Your work will get exposure and be seen by a curated community of educationists, students, and professionals. People will be able to discuss your work, vote on it, and like it. Additionally you will get a head start on maintaining a body of work in the digital sphere in one place, making it easier to monetize in the future.
Who are the Master Speakers? 
The Master Speakers are a group of highly curated professionals who have been very successful in their respective fields. They have valuable wisdom and knowledge to impart, and are leading the change and shift in design thinking in contemporary, post-pandemic times. 
Is the website visible to the public?
Yes, it is visible to the public to provide more exposure, but the member community and content on the website is controlled and niche.
Can I share content on social media through the website?
Yes, we have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn sharing enabled on our website. You can also link your Personal Page with your LinkedIn Profile. 
How do you interact on the website?
You can visit personal profiles, comment, chat, and see others’ work. You can also read and post articles, and link video and audio content. We have a forum section where you can write on threads or create your own too, for deeper discussion. The webinars will have an interactive Q&A session as well. 
What kind of content can I create?
You can post photos, videos, audio, articles, and forum discussions.