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building no.9211

My work is on surrounding space and daily experience, some architectural
space, and some of their corner’s scene from different angles in a different part
of the light. Different angles of the perspective architectural element in different
types of lights which create and differentiate the Abstract form with its aesthetic
values from a different angle.
During my bachelor's time regularly traveling gives me a direction to study
different perspectives on human nature and routine life. This surrounds nature
and situation visual perspective I trying to convey different angles of creative
visual through my work. Mostly I travel in the general coach of Indian
Railways. Different people and different purposes nature of traveling and
different visuals in each day routine life are visible.
India is a mixture of different cultural values and different colors in one railway
coach. There are different patterns and different types of forms of parcels and
the luggage with their accommodation related to their journey. These forms and
shades of color designs give me a visual perspective to understand human
nature and creative behavior towards their routine life.
I am still understanding and learning to capture a different angle of perspective
that I am going through my Journeys and my surroundings. I am seeing my
surrounding in a different type of color palette, which I transferred to create a
linear and a creative color texture.

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